A “must-have”

True value added for your web visitors

An image storage and automatic editing tool for your WebCam images that leaves nothing to be desired.

Camera - Weather camera - Tourism-WebCam

Offer your customers more than the competitors:
Show your visitors your camera with multiPixx!


  • labeling with text
  • labeling with Logo
  • Weather stamp
  • archiving


  • Online Admin-Area
  • Login (Register) and start
  • Expand at any time


  • Your images are safe
  • Daily Backup
  • Password possible


Simple and easy!

  • Register
  • define Camera
  • Get started - NOW!

You can even use multiPixx completely free. In this case, the storage period is 5 days. If this is enough for your webcam, you can use multiPixx as a free version and integrate it into your web site. In return, we display small advertising banners for multiPixx.

If you want to store more than 5 days of pictures, you can easily add storagespace or other cameras to your subscription - immediately. You'll get your environment together and pay the options conveniently and easily with PayPal.

Add up to 10 cameras to your subscription and save their pictures up to 10 years! An impertinently good offer - and without any technical junk. Add your desired options with a mouse click - it does not get any easier.

And best of all: If you do not want anything to do with the setup, then you can order your desired configuration online in the meteo.cc shop. We will then set up multipixx according to your wishes and you will receive a ready-to-go carefree solution - conveniently with an annual recurring invoice.

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The WebCamTool to start immediately!

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The service is provided in Switzerland. The tax is accounted by brotschi engineering.


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